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reviewStay At Home Jobs That Actually Pay: How to earn a guaranteed $250 a week by working only 2 hours a day without selling anything…

It seems like wherever you turn on the internet these days there is some new get-rich-quick scheme being slammed in your face. I know what it’s lie to be scammed over and over again with false promises of making $100,000 a month doing nothing.

The cold hard truth is that finding a good, solid and reliable online job that is guaranteed to pay you is NOT easy. It took me more than 8 months to even earn my first $20 – and even then it was after losing $1000’s buying into “sure thing” make money opportunities. Only when I found a reliable source of online work could I start to make a steady income. It’s been a costly and very frustrating learning curve.

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Legitonlinejobs.com is without a doubt the most reliable source of online jobs guaranteed to pay. Not only have they been in business since 2002, but they have an unstained reputation as the number one source for online jobs.

They are not selling business opportunities like most scam website out there. What they offer is a variety of resources that can help you earn almost immediately. They have a massive database of verified companies who are actively looking to hire individuals for a variety of jobs.

Apart from this great resource, they also have a lot of other opportunities that are proven money earners. Data entry jobs that pay as much as $35 an hour and Online Surveys the pay as much as $50 an hour offer a great opportunity to for a work from home job.

Be warned though. This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme and you probably won’t get rich from it. However if you are looking to earn an extra $200 to $500 a week in your free time, then this might be the place for you. Do I recommend you try it? Yes! You need no experience or up-front investment to get started and you can get your first paycheck in just 7 days. With this one there really is nothing to lose.


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articlesWhat To Look For In A Work From Home Job

Looking for a legitimate work from home opportunity can be a real mine field. Bringing in some extra cash each month to help plug the holes in your budget is sometimes easier said than done. With the internet there is a lot of opportunity to earn money working from home and at your own time. Unfortunately a lot of so-called “opportunities” abuse stay at home moms or students who are looking for legitimate income opportunities.

The fact remains that amidst all the scams and fake opportunities there are a lot of stay at home moms who now earn a full time income working only part time. So, what do you need to look out for when you do your due diligence? Here are some tips to help you pick a legitimate opportunity:

- Flexibility
It goes without saying that you don’t want to replace one 9 to 5 job with another. If you are a stay at home mom you need the flexibility to work your won hours. If you have kids to take care of then your times are different. You need to make sure that the job offers you enough freedom and flexibility to get the job done without interfering with your duties at home.

- Proven Payment History
The best way to access the legitimacy of a company is to check on it’s payment history. Doing some research online is the best way to see if there’s been serious complaints about people not getting paid. Fortunately community forums jump unto non-paying scams really quickly, so they won’t last long thee days. If they offer payment through services like PayPal or 2CO then they are likely to be legit.

- Constant Stream Of Work
One of the big pitfalls of a lot of work from home jobs is that the work they offer is very haphazard. Some months you get too much work while other months you don’t get enough work. Getting a constant stream of work is very important of you want a reliable income.

- Reasonable Commission
Obviously you want to be rewarded well for your time and effort. The amount of money you can earn varies greatly depending on what you do. To make sure you don’t get screwed, always compare the compensation with similar opportunities to see what the going rate is.

- Support
Having a support network to help you is vitally important. Regardless of what you do, you will need help to do things better faster and eventually to earn more. Some online survey communities are superb in this regard.

- Interesting Work
Many work from home jobs are just plain boring. It’s dull and repetitive work that can really get to you after a while. Finding something interesting actually counts for a lot. It pays to start looking for work at home jobs in areas that you are interested in. Not only will you make money doing what you like, but you will probably earn a lot more because you love it.



articlesStay At Home Jobs vs. Home Business Opportunities

It seems like every second day someone is trying to sell me on the next big home business opportunity. Unfortunately, the majority of these so-called opportunities are nothing but scams. People trying to use you to make themselves rich.

There’s a big difference between high paying stay at home jobs and so-called home based business opportunities. Business opportunities are usually performance based – meaning that you get paid and make money based on how well you perform. The best example of this is with multi level marketing where you have to sell stuff to earn a commission. If you’ve ever tried this then you will know just how hard it is to sell stuff to people and all those Amway reps usually get a rude awakening when they start selling.

Home based business opportunities also have the downside of requiring a big investment from you BEFORE you start earning any money. In most cases it requires an investment of your money before you can even get started. All of them requires a huge investment of your time – and this is where the biggest problem lies. Not only do you have to learn the “system” but with performance based businesses you have to actually get out there and perform. This takes a lot of time.

Stay at home jobs are different in the sense that you earn money and get paid like any other job. The only difference is that you work from home. At your own time and at your own convenience. For those of us who either have kids or can’t arrange our lives to work a 9 to 5 day job, this is the perfect way to make a full time income while working only part time.

Having the flexibility of hours and the convenience of working from home can be very liberating and for many stay at home moms it has been the answer to their prayers. Ten years ago these opportunities were not available, but thanks to the internet and the global demand for an on=demand workforce there are massive opportunities to work from home.

If you have the time, money and energy to pursue work from home business opportunities, then you should. Yes, it is risky but the rewards are huge. If you are looking for a stable and reliable income working from home then you should pursue work from home jobs instead. As you get more experience you can increase your earning ability. It is possible to earn a full time salary working only part time from home. The sooner you start the sooner you can start earning.

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