Data Entry Jobs From Home

Are you looking for data entry jobs from home? As one of the first really big job opportunities for “everyday people” on the internet its something that has taken on a whole new dimension in recent years. While the beginning of data entry was with companies who had to convert physical data into digital systems as the world changed over from analogue to digital. Today, everybody is digital and very little data conversion is really necessary these days.

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Data entry jobs today refers to something much broader. Basically anything that involved “blindly” copying and pasting data is what we can classify as data entry jobs. There is a very broad scope of job opportunities for anyone who is willing to dedicate the time and effort to do these jobs.

It really is the perfect job for you if you just want to make some easy money BUT, its not all that its cracked up to be. Yes, you can do it without any experience and without any special skills BUT its tome consuming, boring and the pay is quite low. Although you can earn good money, you will need to do long hours if you want to earn significant incomes from data entry jobs.

Obviously not all data entry jobs are created equal. Some pay more, require a bit more skill and won’t keep you in front of your computer 24/7. So, how do you find data entry jobs from home? Here are a few tips to help you find high paying and reliable jobs.

- Make sure you get paid.
There are more than enough scams on the internet. Be careful of data entry jobs that are posted on public classifieds like Always make sure you do a small amount of work in exchange for the promised pay to make sure that whoever employs you are real and legit.

- Online Workplaces
A great way to find high paying jobs and have the security of an organization behind you is to join websites like, and/or There are millions of potential employers from all over the world and you have the backing of the website which takes care of the payments. You will also find a much higher quality employer who are likely to pay you more and train you if that is needed.

- Skilled work
The appeal of data entry is the fact that you do not need any special skills to do the job. Its simple copy and paste stuff. If you have some more specialized skills though you can earn a lot more. Often times is just takes some very basic skills and you need to make sure that you communicate all your skills to a prospective employer.

Right now one of the biggest opportunities for data entry is in the field of Search Engine Optimization(SEO). SEO companies need armies of workers to help them fulfill a load of different tasks that are very simple but very time consuming. You can either get these jobs directly from webmasters or you can get them from SEO companies (who are employed by webmasters). The tasks are usually as simple as copying and pasting data and often it uses software which they are more than willing to train you on.

The important thing is to get some experience under your belt. Data entry jobs from home can be a great way to earn some extra money but its probably more suited to you if you live outside the USA, UK or Canada if you want to earn a full time income from it.  For more lucrative online jobs you might want to join a site like to  get higher paying jobs that require english speaking staff.

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