Home Based Jobs Without Investment

Are you looking for home based jobs without investment? While there are many home jobs being advertised online, the majority are actually “business opportunities” in disguise. You get lured in with ads that promise you can earn $100/hour but in the end you have to fork out a significant investment just to get started. Most of these are not really jobs either. Its more of a business than a job and there are no guarantees of earning money for your efforts.

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In my opinion a legit online job is one that pays you for your HOURS and not for your skill, investment or luck. Business opportunities does have immense opportunity but the truth is that you will need to make a significant investment of your time and/or money to see any results.

So, where can you find home based jobs without investment?  The answer is simple: Freelance.

Freelancing is the workforce of the future and its growing at alarming rates. Businesses are using freelance staff and outsourcing work for many reasons. One reason is that they don’t need to deal with the hassles of full time employees. It saves them time, money and hassle. For you however, its a huge opportunity. Its an opportunity to tap into a global workforce that is actively looking to employ skills, talented or just plain willing employees.

Most full time employees perform way below average and getting a safe and secure salary can be very unproductive for a company. By outsourcing specific work they can get much better value for money.

So, how can you tap into this?

You can find many of these jobs for free although there might be some small fee but the  employer usually becomes responsible for that. The best place to find these jobs is at websites like Odesk.com, Guru.com, eLance.com just to name a few. It really depends on your skills and you need to create a compelling resume that can impress prospective employers.

These sites do have a limit in terms of the types of work. The majority of home jobs is for programmers, graphic designers and writers. There is a huge demand for these services globally and you can get a lot of work in these fields if you have skills that can compliment these.

If you are looking for work outside these fields then you can join a website like Legit Online Jobs that deals directly with employers to secure certain jobs that you can just tap into. Although there is a fee to use the site, it can save you hours of trying to find work on your own. This is a one off fee and is not about having to invest large amounts to start earning. Check it out, or at least start by creating your resume at any of the freelance sites. The work is there. All you have to do is to get serious and to start.

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