Legit Work at Home Jobs – 3 Things To Look Out For

Are there still any legit work at home jobs that you can earn money from? These days so many “opportunities” come disguised as a job but all they really want to do is to hook you and get you to buy into their “opportunity”. I don’t know about you, but I am just sick and tired of multilevel marketing scams. I am sick and tired of paying $50 just to be told that if I work really hard and build all these websites I “could” make $5000 per month. What happened to a bit of upfront honesty?

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Most online job opportunities are not legit work at home jobs. My definition of a work at home job is a job where I get paid cash for the hours I work. Simple as that. The good news is that there are still a lot of these work at home jobs out there, but they are getting increasingly harder to find simply because MLM and other business opportunities have big budgets to get new people into their funnel and they are willing to do anything to get more people to buy into their schemes.

There are 3 very simple things you can do to ensure that you are indeed getting into legit work at home jobs.

1. Check Their Credentials
One simple way to check on legit work at home jobs is to look for the Better Business Bureau or similar logo’s on the site. This is an online business watchdog that monitors a site or a business’ online activity. This is an easy way to make sure that the site is legit and that they are indeed for real.

2. Payment
Virtually all legit work at home jobs will pay you cash. Look out for recognized payment processors like PayPal, Visa or Mastercard. No scam site will get to use these processors and as long as these are in place, the site is probably good to go.

3. Contact
Another great way to make sure that its a legit job is to check the site and look for a physical address and telephone number. Phone the number to make sure they actually exist and check the address to make sure its for real. Real and legit work at home jobs will be advertised on real and legit sites and as long as the site is not hiding behind some fake telephone number or some fake address it should be okay.

Finding legit work at home jobs can be a bit of a challenge but in the end its worth it. Being able to earn money from the comfort of your own home and having the flexibility in working hours is a major plus for any stay at home mom. I can highly recommend Legit Online Jobs, but I would encourage you to look around and be sure to do your own due diligence.

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