Surveys That Pay

Are there still surveys that pay? When online surveys first exploded unto the internet there was indeed a lot of easy money to be made but unfortunately (like a lot of things on the internet) a lot of inferior and even scam-like people came along to destroy the opportunity. The good news is that there are still a few online surveys that pay but its probably not what you’ve been told or promised.

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Legit online surveys is all about consumer research and the online survey companies are only conducting research on behalf of someone else. Before the days of the internet, research was more cumbersome and focus groups were expensive. It did however give much better results and the problem with online surveys is just that the quality of research is much lower.

This is where a good surveys company comes in – and trust me there aren’t too many of them out there. Online surveys don’t pay nearly as much as people hype it up to be. In reality $30 per survey is pretty good these days. The secret it in doing a LOT of them – which is where the next problem comes in…

Having the time and the energy to do online surveys for cash is one thing, but the real problem is in getting enough surveys to do. Most surveys companies will only grant you a certain amount of surveys and also, you profile needs to match their demographic. The end result is that you only get a few surveys per month which is only a few hundred dollars at best.

The answer is simple. You need to join a LOT of survey companies. You need to optimize your profile to ensure you get a lot of surveys to do and also that you get the best paying ones. You will also need to build your reputation to ensure more and better surveys that pay cash.

You simply cannot do this alone. I suggest you join a survey community like SurveyScout or Surveys4Checks. They have an active community and great training and most of all they have a massive database of pre-screened survey companies. If you are serious about earning a full time income with online surveys then I suggest you join them otherwise you will just be wasting your time and energy.

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