Work at Home Jobs – Data Entry

General accounting as an online income generating activity is quickly joining the ranks of the top work at home jobs chosen worldwide.  Many people are looking to outsource bookkeeping and basic accounting tasks.  Most of these people offering accounting as home-based jobs are middle-level managers and financial consultants.  These work at home jobs that they outsource are typically the easiest yet at times the most time-consuming part of their career – you guessed right, it’s data entry.  If you can do data entry and have some flare for numbers, some of these outsourced accounting posts may just be for you.

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To be able to do data entry types of home-based jobs like that of basic accounting, the online worker need not have even an associate degree.  What is more important here is knowledge about some of the accounting software widely used and available.  We are talking about electronic versions of spreadsheet here; some experience about software use is sought after, because of the idea of getting outputs as fast as possible without the need for training and the “trial and error” phase.  What is demanded from those who do these work at home jobs is 100% accuracy in the data inputs to the software.  These stay at home jobs for general accounting only need data entry people who can do cut-and-paste, yet usually the data needed to be input is of great volume.

One wrong data entered can ruin the entire spreadsheet file, the file which is going to be needed for more complicated financial analysis.  If you are not sure that you can provide this kind of service, do not jump ahead and claim that you are capable.  But if you already have some experience doing data entry, and you have the resources available to you (computer and Internet connection), you can have online accounting positions as your bread and butter.  You can even do multiple projects for different companies or independent employers at the same time.  If you just take some time to do a bit of research about the smaller companies who offer these work at home jobs in bookkeeping and accounting, you will soon discover about those which require only a few hours of work per week.  This gives you either more time for a certain project or more work which you can fit in your week’s schedule.

Further, if you do have an accounting degree, the scenario changes drastically.  You can now charge more for the stay at home jobs offered to you.  Since you have the credentials and knowledge on these tasks, you will be able to eventually distinguish the high-paying tasks from the basic ones just by categorizing their difficulty level.  But you just have to be mindful of high competition for the more complicated home-based jobs and positions.  Also, you may also want to check on the smaller companies which still give comparatively competent pay to online workers without a degree, especially if moms or dads are seeking these work at home jobs.  Once you are already decided that you want to work online and remain at home doing so, you will realize how many accounting and bookkeeping opportunities there are available.  If you like to read numbers like reading cash, this may be an enjoyable and profitable career move for you.

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